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Mom, Widow, Life Coach, Massage Therapist, Healer, Beach Lover, Shark Tooth Finder, Silver Lining Believer


Tanya has been a life coach for me for over 25 years. Couldn't be more thrilled that others will have more access to her awesomeness. Knowing her has made my life better. ~ Ashley Taylor


Six years ago I thought I had my ideal life.  I owned my own business, my husband was a Virginia State Trooper and we had two amazing kids.  My life changed in an instant the day my husband died.  My little family of four was no more.  I was shattered.  The life we had built, fought, struggled, loved and committed to was gone.  I can honestly say that looking back, I wished I had been more grateful for my husband.  I wished I had loved him more every day.  I look back and laugh at the struggles we had and how unimportant they were.  What I learned after he died was how to be grateful, how to find the silver linings, how to really, truly love, live in the moment and let things go.   

Today, I live five states away from everything I ever known.  I live walking distance from the Atlantic Ocean.   I have slowly and successively put my life back together and grown to be a more relaxed and spiritually free person.  I've downsized everything we had (we had way too much stuff), I've traveled, I've loved and had my heart broken, I've laughed, I have filled my life with wonderful, soulful friends and I've continued to find those silver linings everyday!  I have created the life of my dreams.  A life that can't be taken away from me.  I've built a solid foundation to work from.  And, yes, I've had a life coach! 


Tanya Barrett

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