Change Your Attitude

When life doesn’t go according to plan, how do you behave? Do you stick your bottom lip out, stomp your foot and try to make everyone else around you miserable? Do you try to control the situation with this kind of attitude, getting what you want? Or, do you buck up, put a smile on your face and make the most out of the situation?

Personally, I choose to enjoy life and I try to make the most out of the situation. I know there are times when it’s not quite possible but I still try my best to refrain from pouting, stomping my foot and just getting my way. (No one is perfect, so I can’t say I never need to pout or have my way.) I can say that even when I feel myself being pulled in that direction, I notice it and try to turn it around. I’m blessed to have amazing friends that call me out on my shit, too.

All this came about in an argument with my 13 yo last night. He was a huge stick in the mud and was trying to make everyone else (namely me) miserable to get exactly what he wanted. Mind you, he’s typically a great kid! I know he’s just beginning to hit on some “teen” behaviors. He went to bed mad at me and not taking accountability for how he behaved. I went to bed smiling, knowing I didn’t let him suck me in to his negativity (other than the one time I screamed at him on our way home in the car….yikes…he got the best of me for 2.2 seconds)….I’ve been through this teen thing once already! Trying to explain to a teenager that you should just enjoy and let the rest go is hard. Fingers crossed that one day soon he will get it.

So, what keeps you from enjoying life as it comes? Why? What comes up for you? When you are feeling like you need to pout and have your way, what can you do to turn it around? What do you think will change if you are able to change your reaction?

Enjoy, peeps….Life is way too short not to! As always, I’m a phone call away and the first call is always complimentary! Let’s start creating your solid foundation today! Peace, Love & Silver Linings, Peeps! XO~Tanya

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