How to Mend a Broken Heart: Day 2

Get outside. Spend 20 minutes being outdoors. (Unless there is a hurricane or something similar!) Just be outside. Smell the air, take your shoes off and touch the ground, feel the warmth of the sunshine or the cold that makes your cheeks rosy and feel the wind blow around you. Take it all in.

Be grateful for this amazing planet we live on and ground yourself to it. Nature heals the heart.

Again, after my husband died, I wanted to be outside all the time. He died in September and we were looking ahead at winter months…some of those cold days were the best ones…I think because I was feeling something. When we are heartbroken we tend to only focus on what we currently feel, the pain, the suffering, the fears that come up….by being outside, we feel part of the world and we feel the temperature and all the things around us….pay attention to it…really make note of how it feels outside.

I knew within 6 months of my husband dying that I couldn’t live without the beach

in my future. It took some time to make that happen but I currently live at the beach. It makes this current heart break so much more bearable. I love the sand between my toes, the smell of the salt air, the wind….the sunshine on my skin. I could sit out there more than the 20 minutes if my work schedule allowed.

So, I’m hoping today you have cried and now you have something new to add to the tears. If you can cry outside…even better! I do! It feels very earthly to be outside and cry, very grounding. The world just seems so huge and my tears so very small.

As always, I’m a phone call away….the first call is ALWAYS complimentary and helping YOU build your solid foundation, find your silver linings and live a life full of gratitude is what my life purpose is all about!

Peace, LOVE and Silver Linings, peeps!

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