How to Mend a Broken Heart: Day 9

Exercise! There really is nothing better. The endorphins that even a walk will give you are amazing!

I love to go on long walks, it gives me time to think and process. I often stop and journal while walking (notes app on my phone). If I’m doing something else like riding my bike or swimming, it’s just a good time to process things and stay in my head.

I try to judge how I’m feeling and what kind of exercise will suit me best. For example, after my husband died, I ran….I was angry and hurt and confused and the intensity of running helped me process that. I also lifted weights, a lot…I had an amazing personal trainer who was a joy and light to be around. I would cry and vent and it never phased him. Pushing myself to the point of tears in the weight room just felt good. Crazy/not crazy, right?!? Now, I much prefer calmer things, a long walk, cycling, swimming, yoga. Although I still run when I NEED to!

Exercise can serve as a distraction with the added benefits of how you will feel when you’re done. You can use it as a way to get up and get out. Just move, peeps. I promise this helps. Whether your heart is broken from a death, divorce or a break up, it works! Go and sweat out the sadness….

And, as always, I’m a phone call away….the first call is ALWAYS complimentary and helping YOU build your solid foundation, find your silver linings and live a life full of gratitude is what my life purpose is all about!

Peace, LOVE and Silver Linings, peeps!

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PS: I love to listen to PINK when I run or walk. There is something about her music when my heart is broken that helps me work through it all. Let me know what music works for you, I’m always open to new suggestions! And let me know what you are doing to exercise! I’d love to hear from you! REACH OUT!

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