How to Mend a Broken Heart: Day 13

Truth. Get honest with yourself about where your pain is coming from. You are definitely going through something that is causing the heart break there is some truth behind the pain.

For example, my break up is the cause of the heart break but the TRUTH is that there is pain and fear that came from that….Will I ever have love again? What is wrong with me? Why aren’t things working out the way I want them? If I’m open and share more….I want FAMILY, my own fucking FAMILY. I want family dinners at the kitchen table, family game nights, family cook outs, family fun time….annoying, amazing, loving, kind, caring FAMILY! And, it scares the crap out of me that I may never have that again. That’s the real, whole, scary TRUTH. That’s where my real pain stems from. (Well, that and the guy I was dating was kind of amazing!) That’s where all my tears start. The tears start from the lack of what I want, the lack of what I used to have, the lack of love in my life.

Again, the TRUTH is that while of all that is me being honest, it is absolutely NOT TRUE. Everything I stated is where the pain and fear lie. I do have all those things they just don’t look the way I want them to. So here is where my gratefulness comes into play, again. I get even more truthful with what I really do have and what I’m grateful for. I’m grateful for my family, the family that loves me and annoys me. I’m grateful for my friends that I call family. I’m so grateful to be living the life I’m living.

I hope all this makes sense. Dig deep, peeps and get truthful with yourself. Where is the pain coming from? What is the REAL truth? What comes up for you? What do you really want? What can you be grateful for? It should all come full circle for you.

Getting honest with yourself keeps the focus on you. It’s so easy to dive into anger with someone, place blame. Sometimes we need that and sometimes we need to keep it truthful and keep it real.

I hope you are still letting the tears fall, I am.

How’s it going peeps? What’s been coming up for you? Has your heartache lessened? Are you still struggling to move forward? What’s getting in your way? What can you do to be kind and gentle to yourself?

As always, I’m a phone call away….the first call is ALWAYS complimentary and helping YOU build your solid foundation, find your silver linings and live a life full of gratitude is what my life purpose is all about!

Peace, LOVE and Silver Linings, peeps!

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