How to Mend a Broken Heart: Day 14

Dear Peeps,

It's been two whole weeks of dealing with this current heart ache. What's come up for you? How are you feeling? Where have you found your silver linings/gratitude? What has changed? What hasn't changed? Why? What would you like to the next 2 weeks to look like? Feel like? Where do you really want to be? How do you want to be living?

Today I want to talk about EXPECTATIONS. I feel like these can be positive or negative. The definition of expectations is "a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future." So, the last few questions I asked..were your answers your expectations of where you "should" be? How you "should" be living? Where you "should" be in your heartache? Think about it.

The word "EXPECTATION" keeps coming up a lot for me lately. I feel like when I have expectations it keeps me from staying present. Things change, people change, circumstances change and living without expectations makes all that change way more bearable. What would living life without expectations look like for you?

For me, it would mean enjoying the moment...everywhere and with everyone. Being right there in that moment...connecting. It would mean not being concerned with being in a relationship with someone and enjoying my life, knowing that everything will happen when it's supposed to. It would mean taking my time more of the things I loved and not caring what others thought. It would mean truly being myself and staying true to me, moment by moment.

Think about all the times you've had expectations on how a situation should turn out or how someone should act. Think about all the times you've been disappointed because it didn't go the way you wanted it to. What if you were living in the moment and just took everything as it came?

Now, I know, we all will still have expectations. We will all still have disappointment. If we didn't have the disappointment, how else would we make the changes we need to?

For today, live life without expectations. And, as always, I’m a phone call away….the first call is ALWAYS complimentary and helping YOU build your solid foundation, find your silver linings and live a life full of gratitude is what my life purpose is all about! Peace, LOVE and Silver Linings, peeps! #peacelovesilverlinings #widow #lifecoach #grieftogratitude #createthelifeyoulove #change #nofear #be #happy #love #findthesilverlining #grateful #courage #continuetolive #continuetolove #brave #youvegotthis #journal #meditate #loveandlight #breathe #dating #besillywithme #open #honest #dancewithme #gratitude #silverlinings #heartbreak #healingabrokenheart

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